turning a dream into a reality

welcome, friends. welcome to arrows and olive.

 today is the first day that my site is live, so truly, i welcome you with open arms. 

let's see, i would like to start off on this note... if someone would have asked me 5 years ago, "what do you see yourself doing in 5 years?", i would have never guessed this-- a hobby turned to business, in hopes of it thriving beyond what i could even fathom. 

hello all,

my name is kelly meharg and i am the face behind arrows and olive. i am a simple girl living in the gulf coast in the sunshine state and like you, i'm just trying to find my way in this wild and crazy world. for a while there, i was speechless when thinking about what i wanted to do. different thoughts always running through my head, "i could be this, i could be that" and so on and so forth. all the while i was in school working toward my psychology aa at a local state college. 5 years in the making, and i finally completed that long-awaited degree. once i hit the finish line, it was all behind me. it was done. i had no idea what i wanted to do, or what direction i wanted to turn towards. with a handful of support, not only from my family, but from my love kyle and friends, i decided i wanted to move 45 minutes east, to ft. walton beach, fl. once i made the move summer of 2014, life was moving along swimmingly. i finally felt like i was in place, that all that i had gone through in the past several years had brought me to the right place, the exact place that i needed to be in those moments. those feelings turned out to be right, more right than i could ever explain to you.

when i moved to ft. walton, i wasn't working and had a lot of free time on my hands. i wanted to take up hobbies so i started perusing the ultimate, the lovely, the website we all love the most- pinterest. i was looking and looking and finally found some things that i could do from my home, among some of those things were body scrubs, coffee scrubs, all things containing natural ingredients- most of which i already had at home. as i'm getting older, my mindset has shifted more towards natural products containing natural ingredients, nothing mysterious. i started searching products with natural ingredients and found some really good stuff, and i was hooked. i continued to search pinterest for more to do to occupy my time... until i came across candle making, making my own lotion bars, & making my own soap. that's really when it all started. i started looking at all that i needed to get in order to make the candles, to make the lotion bars, to make the soap. as i slowly got in the orders that i placed for said material, i was getting more and more excited. i started making candles, lotion bars, & soaps, and i would use them myself and then i would give them out to friends as gifts. as i had given these items out to my friends, i was so surprised at the feedback that i had received, and still receive to this day. it was a feeling that i hadn't felt all too much in the past few years, it was something of an incredible nature. 

as time went on, friends kept asking me to make different things, and sure enough, i did. it's something that i enjoy doing, it's something that i am passionate about. with this passion that had ensued, i thought to myself, "hey, i believe in my heart that i could actually make something out of all of this." 

and now... here i am-- the face of arrows and olive.

i want to thank each and every one of you that has helped turn this dream into a reality, mainly my parents. they have been such huge support throughout all of this, and i am forever grateful to them for it. i am forever grateful to all of you. again, i thank you.

i hope all of you enjoy this product, truly, just as much as i will enjoy making it for you. i will be writing again soon.

take care for now, dear friends.

warm regards,
kelly meharg.